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Bone augmentation in complex bone defects


Yxoss CBR (Customized Bone Regeneration) is a customized titanium scaffold developed to regenerate complex bone defects combining the benefits of 3D imaging, design tools and 3D printing.The designed structure of the titanium scaffold determines with extreme precision the contour of the alveolar ridge which needs to be prepared [...]

Bone augmentation in complex bone defects2022-04-07T11:57:54+02:00



Dental Medicine Practice is specialised in performing All on 4 and All on 6 dental implant treatments which represent a quality solution for people who have lost most of their teeth over the years. All on 4 and All on 6 dental implants represent a long-term solution [...]

ALL ON 4 & ALL ON 62022-04-07T12:02:26+02:00

How to preserve the jawbone after a tooth extraction?


How to preserve the jawbone after a tooth extraction?During a tooth extraction procedure, the blood vessels around the tooth rupture and the alveolus (the tooth socket) fills with saliva and blood, from which a blood clot forms.The bone wound caused by a tooth extraction procedure takes two months [...]

How to preserve the jawbone after a tooth extraction?2022-04-07T12:03:23+02:00

ANKYLOS implants


The decision to replace missing teeth with dental implants is a great investment in your oral health and appearance. Not only do healthy teeth help us chew and digest food, they also play an important role in speech and affect our appearance. The face and especially the [...]

ANKYLOS implants2022-04-07T12:02:47+02:00

Guided implant surgery


To replace lost teeth, Dental Medicine Practice uses an implant placement treatment called guided implant surgery or guided implantology. The implant placement procedure is planned with the help of computer software which ensures that the dental implant treatment is performed as accurately and precisely as possible. Advantages [...]

Guided implant surgery2021-05-28T09:47:00+02:00

Covid-19: instructions to patients and visitors


You are kindly requested to read and follow the rules and recommendations for protection against COVID-19. At Dental Medicine Practice we take into account professional recommendations on patient care in dental clinics during the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions. The rules and recommendations issued by the Expanded Professional [...]

Covid-19: instructions to patients and visitors2021-05-27T20:07:56+02:00

Protection against SARS CoV 2 virus


Dear patients.As of Monday, 11 May 2020, our dental office has reopened.In order to ensure that you come to the appointments without any worries, we are pleased to inform you that we are ready to perform our dental services in accordance with all epidemiological guidelines, therefore you should [...]

Protection against SARS CoV 2 virus2021-05-27T20:24:11+02:00

Antibiotic protection prior to a dental procedure


The prescribing guidelines specify in detail the indications and methods of prescribing antibiotics. Antibiotics are medications prescribed by a personal doctor, specialist physician or substitute doctor. In some cases, preventive antibiotic protection or prophylaxis is also prescribed by a dentist. The guidelines for antibiotic treatment vary with [...]

Antibiotic protection prior to a dental procedure2021-05-27T21:55:27+02:00

Caring for the beautiful colour of natural teeth


Make sure you have an attractive and radiant smile by caring for your tooth colour with the assistance of professional dental support. Young people have lighter, shinier teeth and a truly bright smile. Over the years, teeth become darker despite good personal and professional oral hygiene. Over [...]

Caring for the beautiful colour of natural teeth2021-05-27T22:01:38+02:00

Caries protection


Enamel demineralisation represents the first sign of dental caries. In order to ensure protection against caries, patients are advised to use liquids that: contain active ingredients such as amine fluoride and sodium fluoride, contain no colorants and are alcohol free Indications for use: prevention and treatment of dental [...]

Caries protection2021-05-27T22:20:56+02:00
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