Teeth whitening

Teeth-whitening procedures are used to refresh the colour of the teeth, thus avoiding any other cosmetic dental procedures that may cause irreversible damage to your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening will brighten up your teeth and make them 4-7 shades whiter on average. Our in-office teeth whitening system will give you a brighter, fresher and simply more attractive smile.

Dental Medicine Practice advocates the highest quality of dental services and we use a teeth-whitening system that cannot be found in stores, as it is only intended for use in dental practices. Our teeth-whitening system is based on 20-years of development and complies with all regulations regarding the use of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide for medical and cosmetic purposes.

Teeth whitening treatment performed in our dental office takes between 90 – 120 minutes. During this time, you can listen to music and relax. In-office bleaching with hydrogen peroxide requires certain knowledge, skills and expertise.

Teeth whitening treatment can also be carried out from the comfort of your home. If one opts for at-home whitening, we create a set of trays, custom made to the shape of the patient’s teeth, and then bleach is applied into those trays to whiten the teeth. Home bleaching treatments are completely safe to use and do not cause any side effects.

There is also another teeth-whitening method, namely an internal bleaching method that is used on stained teeth where the dental nerve has died. In this case, the bleaching agent is placed in the pulp chamber to remove the intrinsic tooth discoloration. Since this type of teeth-whitening treatment is a step-by-step process which is performed gradually, bleaching sessions have to be repeated several times in order to achieve the desired whiteness. When the desired shade is obtained, a tooth needs to be re-sealed with a white filling.