First-time consultation, second opinion for free
Dental examination 60,00 €

Valid from 25.10.2022.

After the examination and reading of X-rays, we propose a treatment plan and inform the patient about the estimated dental procedure costs.

Costs do not change during a dental treatment unless this option was presented in advance.

When co-deciding on a certain treatment method, we want our patients to be involved in the decision-making process and we therefore take into account their needs, expectations, wishes and abilities. Before making a final decision on the type and method of treatment, we present each patient with other possible and comparable, yet different treatment options.

If professional criteria is taken into account, there are no bad treatment methods. There are only good and better solutions. We always inform the patient about the possibility of obtaining a second opinion elsewhere.

A dental treatment plan and cost estimation cannot be prepared in a professional and responsible manner without a clinical examination and X-ray readings.

For the reasons set out above, the price list is not published in full.

Dental Medicine Practice offers free consultations and the possibility of obtaining a second opinion to all patients who have undergone X-ray examinations (orthopan and CBCT) elsewhere and are deciding on the dental treatment method.

In accordance with the Patients Act, patients are entitled to view the price list of all our services. The price list can be obtained at the Dental Medicine Practice reception desk. Our staff will be pleased to provide you with all additional information regarding the price of our services.


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