Amalgam fillings removal

For many years, amalgam fillings were widely used to replace the missing dentine which was removed due to caries or injuries. Amalgam fillings were cheap and very durable. Dental amalgam is an alloy containing four types of metal: mercury, copper, silver and tin. The largest share, more than half, represents mercury which is also the most toxic of all four elements. In addition, the installation of amalgam requires the preparation of a large part of a tooth structure.

For these two reasons, modern dentistry is abandoning the use of amalgam, replacing it with composite materials or white fillings. It is recommended that large amalgam fillings are replaced with inlays and onlays which have become viable restorative alternatives for damaged dentine. They are created in a dental laboratory on the basis of impressions made of composite and biocompatible all-ceramic materials.

At Dental Medicine Practice we are also in favour and will always advise you to replace old, worn amalgam fillings with aesthetic inlays and onlays.

An amalgam removal procedure is performed according to the highest professional standards. Patient safety is ensured by using special drills and a membrane that prevents amalgam penetration into digestive or respiratory tract, as well as by means of a special technique of trapping particles with oral vacuums.