Dental care is an important part of raising children

It is important to develop good oral health habits in early childhood and teach your child the right way to care for their teeth.

At Dental Medicine Practice we pay special attention to the care and treatment of the young patient’s teeth. In addition to personalised treatment methods that are based on the latest research studies, we also create a child-friendly atmosphere by providing gentle and compassionate dental care to children and throughout adolescence.

Children tend to develop a fear of dentists because of drilling and the pain that comes with it. With the right approach and gentle work, we alleviate the anxiety and dental fear in children, and as a result, they feel comfortable returning to our dental practice.

Oral health care should begin with the very first tooth that grows in your baby’s mouth. Teaching your children regular dental hygiene and proper oral care from a very young age is extremely important.

Healthy nutrition is also very important for dental health. In children, the biggest problem is excessive consumption of sweets, therefore it is recommended to restrict your child’s intake of food with a high sugar content. It is also important that the consumption of sweets is limited and that children do not constantly snack on sweet treats. You should serve them with fresh fruits and vegetables instead. It often turns out that children love to nibble on carrots, peppers and other vegetables.

It is recommended that children have their first dental check-up by the time their first birthday comes around. By doing so, you will provide them with optimal oral hygiene from the very beginning of tooth development. In addition, possible problems can also be immediately detected and treated as quickly as possible.

In paediatric dentistry, timely inspection of the pits on the biting surfaces of lateral teeth and the assessment of the indications for performing the pit sealant procedure is very important. In order to reduce enamel erosion, it is advisable to rinse the oral cavity on a daily basis with a liquid containing an appropriate concentration of fluoride.

We take care of your child in the treatment of caries and damaged teeth. For restoration, we apply dental materials that are used in paediatric dentistry.

At Dental Medicine Practice, we explain to older children everything they need to know about proper dental hygiene, which is especially important in children undergoing an orthodontic treatment.